5 Reasons why Padel tennis is bad for you

Well, its not all bad but there are a few things to consider, so since I’ve got your attention, here it is!


“Action” sports are usually popular because it offers something for everyone.

  • Low skilled players get extra chances because the ball doesn’t go out as often.
  • Unfit players need not run after the ball that much or as far, so the fun can continue.
  • Skilled players get to further hone their abilities in the context of new rules and challenges.
  • Fit players really get to test themselves and their friends’ stamina.
  • Average Jo his crowd from school days can show who has still got “it”.
  • The time limit lets everyone play hard and then relax even harder thereafter.

Exercise, movement and being active is good, so what’s the issue?

The above benefits offered by Padel’s bring with it specific factors linked to an increased potential to sustain injuries or develop pain, and that typically leads to less exercise and movement or even no activity. It is therefore important to know what about these “action sports” you should keep in mind, and how you can limit your likelihood of getting injured by avoiding these mistakes:

  • Going from sitting stuck in traffic to playing all-out in 9s flat
  • Changing from a sedentary life to the Padel queen in a week or 3
  • Assuming strength and fitness from rock climbing or running equates to sufficient agility and control for directional changes required in Padel and other “action” sports.
  • Finishing your session by sitting down for 1+ hours as soon as you’re done (be that for a drink / meeting or in the car).
  • Assuming the game is to blame if you have pain afterwards, or the next day.

The solution to these mistakes may come easily to some and be harder for others. The result of any one or a combination of these will be different for each person, so you aren’t likely to have success in following the advice from a friend who “had the same problem”.

If you need a guiding hand to avoid problems from coming about, need help with addressing something holding you back during Padel or as a result thereof, we’ll gladly assist – because despite the title above, we want you to be active and reign supreme as the Padel queen!


Your health and physical wellbeing should be a priority deserving of quality care. Make sure to discuss any concerns you may have directly with your preferred physiotherapist, so that you can receive the appropriate guidance for your unique situation.